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Aside from cleaning insulators, Petronol Corporation of Indiana also offers other Services that will keep you running efficiently and save you from having to deal with potentially costly problems.


Problems canít be solved if theyíre not known about. Thatís why todayís companies are relying on trained professionals to perform comprehensive annual inspections of all over-head electrical distribution systems.

During insulator cleaning we are able to spot any potentially problematic insulators however a true comprehensive inspection is usually needed to evaluate and detect any other potentially problematic area on your distribution grid. 

Chipped Bushing on Transformer

   Chipped Bus-Line Standoff

If your firm has little need for our insulator cleaning Services weíre confident that our inspection Services can be a great asset to you. By enlisting our inspecting Services you can take care of problems before they become bigger ones. Weíre able to help your firm become more efficient by identifying problems that might lead to insulator explosion, insulator etching, insulator chipping, circuit-trip, exposed live-lines, damage to transformers and breakers, loss of production, injury to personnel, exposure to electrocution risks to personnel, expensive and time-consuming repairs, long-term loss of energy, ground problems, and fires.

      Broken Crown Insulator

                 Broken Stack Insulator

Our equipment allows us inspect all over-head electrical systems WITHOUT a shut-down. Let our birdís-eye view save you money and time while allowing you to focus on your job.

Our 90ft Bucket Truck Gives Us a Bird's Eye View


Let Our Tower-Climbers Inspect Places That are Impossible to See From the Ground

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Oil Absorbing Ground in Substations

Is the EPA demanding that you build a skirt around all transformers in your substation to contain oil in the event of a transformer leakage or explosion? Take the easy way out. Call Petronol today and have one of their crews "tear up" or "fluff up" the ground in substations and switchyards so any loose oil can be absorbed instead of running towards drains or water-ways. The contaminated soil and gravel can then easily be removed and replaced with fresh soil and gravel, thus keeping your costs low and keeping you in compliance with EPA regulations. 
We can offer this service to you more cost-effectively than other companies because we're already in your plant or mill cleaning insulators. Lower overhead means lower prices. With our specially fabricated equipment we can loosen the gravel in any switchyard or substation quickly and easily.
Comply. Conform. Save.

              Large Gravel Substation              

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Hot-spot Transformer Radiators and Fans

Is your insurance company demanding that you bring the temperature of your transformers down? Have infrared cameras found hot-spots in and around your transformers? Keep your transformers running at peak efficiency by keeping the fans and the fins on the radiators clean.


Left: Dirty contaminated radiator fins and fan.
Right: Cleaned radiator fins and fan. 


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Crane-Rail Insulators

Does your overhead-indoor crane have dead spots in the rail? Chances are it's because you're losing power to ground as a result of dirty contaminated insulators supporting your crane rail. We offer this service to you more cost-effectively than other companies because we're already in your plant or mill cleaning high voltage insulators. With our wide-range of equipment there are very few crane rails we can't reach.


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Power-line Rights of Way

Keep trees from encroaching on your power-line rights of way. Reduce the risk of an outage and reduce the risk of electrocution hazard to personnel by having trees properly trimmed near power-lines. Again, we can offer this service much cheaper than a tree-trimming service because Petronol crews are in your mill or plant anyway and are more qualified to work near high voltage transmission lines.

             Tree Limbs Encroaching on 34.5kV Distribution Lines

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Electric Train Insulator-Cleaning

Rarely are more citizens exposed to the risk of high voltage electrocution than with the electric rail-car system. It is imperative that the safety of the riders on such trains is not compromised. Therefore, high voltage insulator cleaning on the train cars and on the distribution system is a must. 

Riders today do not tolerate delays in mass transit systems. Thatís why any outage that can be prevented should be prevented. Call on us to keep your trains running on time and safely. We can clean your high voltage insulators on the distribution system and on your rail cars quickly, efficiently and with a minimal of disturbance to daily operations.


It is also very important to inspect said distribution lines to eliminate the risk of an outage, a downed line, or worse yet, an electrocution.

Electric train-car distribution inspections are a must!


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Donít compromise the safety of your riders, let Petronol Corporation put your worries to rest. Call today for a quote!