Safety is Job One

At Petronol Corporation of Indiana we truly believe that safety is Job One. 

Our safety record is unsurpassed by anyone in the business. For as long as we've been in business we've been supplying our customers with incident free services. Unlike our competitors we've had no electricity-related or fall-related injuries. Our employees are capable of safely working on energized substations, pole-lines, and tower runs anywhere from 4,160 volts to 345,000 volts at ground level or from 250 feet in the air. 

Our safety procedures and safeguards keep our employees and your employees safe at all times. We stress that all accidents can be prevented; our Daily Hazard Assessment Forms, state-of-the-art equipment, rigorous safety training program, strict safety guidelines and experience ensure that nothing will go wrong on your property. All OSHA standards are strictly followed at all times.

Our equipment is tried and true. We rely on our fleet of MTI (formerly Teco) and Hi-Ranger bucket trucks to keep our employees safe yet efficient. Petronol aerial bucket trucks are professionally inspected and tested annually. All insulator cleaning apparatuses (hot-sticks, hoses, etc.) are tested and inspected daily. All ladders are OSHA approved, inspected prior to use, and non-conductive. 

       Safety is Job One

Petronol operators gain their knowledge and experience from working in insulator-cleaning crews as ground-men before becoming operators. They are also sent through our rigorous training program and trained with literature and other information supplied from AVO International Training Institute in Dallas, TX. Our operators are AVO Level III certified and are qualified to work in substations and on other energized electrical power distribution systems.