The Petronol Difference

Petronol Corporation stands out in the industry as a leader in innovation and safety. We were the first known insulator cleaning company of energized electrical power distribution. With that many years under our belt, it is more strikingly impressive that we've had no fall-related or electricity related injuries.

There's practically nothing Petronol's crews can't do… anything from climbing towers and cleaning insulators to climbing up through the centers of doghouses and cleaning insulators. Our wide range of stick lengths means that we can do much of our work from the ground. 


   Roof-top SubStations


                 Ground Level SubStation

Rooftop Towers
Our fleet of insulated bucket trucks really sets us apart. Unlike our competitors, we offer 90 foot bucket truck service. Our 90 foot bucket truck means that we can do large poles, small towers, roof-top substations, rail-road-straddling substations, tall-switch-poles and doghouses quickly and safely. We have several over-center insulated boom trucks which are ideal for pole-lines and ground-level substations. Small over-center boom trucks make it safe to drive in and around "busy" substations. We also own over-center "alpine" boom trucks. These trucks have all the advantages of the smaller over-center boom trucks (ie, they can go over-center, they're lightweight, and they're small enough to get in "tight" places) yet they can reach more than a conventional bucket-truck.

              New 90ft Bucket Truck             


Petronol Corporation offers the most effective insulator cleaning on transmission towers; we do things a helicopter would never be able to do.

None of our competitors can offer such a wide-range of services so efficiently and safely. 
We offer a PROFESSIONAL service. No worries about how we will represent you or your firm. Our employees are clean and polite and knowledgeable: most importantly-they're willing to help! Our trucks are top-of the line, clean, and professional. We truly are the leaders in insulator cleaning!


Petronol Corporation is proud to employ IBEW
Jouneyman Linemen to complete work when required or
requested by our customers.